An Unhappy Patriot.


I don’t just like Great Britain……..I love it.

Or should I say I love what it used to be, what it used to stand for………what it used to mean to be British.

In recent years & certainly within my lifetime I’ve seen her undergo many changes, sadly very few of them for the better.

I’ve seen governments that increasing care less for the rights or welfare of the indigenous population.

I’ve seen the British Empire & some of its colonies attacked by those questioning the land & it’s inhabitants Sovereign status.

I’ve seen greedy, dishonest & corrupt politicians sell off our industries & assets.

I’ve seen this country invaded by migrant workers & illegal immigrants who have overwhelmed any capability we have to sustain their numbers.

I’ve seen my country bow to religious beliefs alien to any previously held in this country to such an extent that our own are now firmly a minority belief.

I’ve seen members of fanatical religious groups on British streets booing & jeering our returning armed forces who should be welcomed home nothing less than heroes.

I’ve even seen poppies burned on remembrance day.

I read in the papers & see on the news every day the crimes committed here & abroad by those who want to do harm to my country.

I’ve seen people come to our country who make no effort to learn our language, embrace our culture or live by our laws, yet they expect us to adhere to & respect theirs.

I’ve seen people take astonishing liberties & break moral codes & be excused with the help of European human rights laws, the very same laws that have in fact breached our human rights.

I’ve seen individuals who have tirelessly & peacefully campaigned for the human rights of the British people thrown in prison by our own government.

I’ve seen & see every day the leaders of our political parties indulge in childish banter across the floor of Westminster when they urgently need to address the concerns of the nation.

I’ve seen & continue to see these same political figures sell off & give away our country & her assets to those in Europe & furthur afield.

I’ve seen a lot of things, a lot more than I’ve mentioned & a lot more than I could possibly have time to tell you about.

Out of all the things I’ve seen though, the thing that makes me most sad is something that would be the easiest of all our problems to remedy. We could do it now, right this very instance…..

I’m talking about the fact that I see the majority of the indigenous British population sitting & doing nothing, not uttering a word, not standing up & airing their voice in defence of their country, their once great nation. Their once Great Britain.

I am 44yrs of age, for probably a 3rd of that time I was too young to understand most of these issues.

I’ve seen too much, I don’t want to see any more of this………..and I don’t want my grandchildren to see any of it.

Stand up, raise your voice & be heard!

Stand up & be British.

Before its too late…….


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