A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


How dare David Cameron show his face at the funeral of Lee Rigby?

His policies regarding immigration and multiculturalism are why thousands of peaceful and respectful British people have lined the streets all over the country to pay their respects to yet another victim of the insane barbarity of unwelcome Islamic extremists in this country.
Where are the Muslims that advocate “The religion of peace”? They are hiding in their dirty hovel homes, no doubt celebrating a true hero’s death while they pay homage to the savages who carried out this despicable crime.
They will be on their knees praying to their false prophet and messenger, that murdering, woman beater and child abusing pig Muhammad and their imaginary ape, moon God Allah. Fictitious characters that are the joke of a religion they call Islam.
They will be fasting and more concerned about the meal they are hungrily awaiting than any desire to integrate as they claim.
If they truly wanted to integrate they would be lining the streets of OUR great nation and stood beside decent, civilized people paying their respects to a man who risked his life on a daily basis to defend this country and defend the people who come to live here from countries where they are the subject of cruelty, torture, oppression and death at the hands of a genocidal regime. The very same regime that they still support when they come here, the same regime who’s ongoing tradition of extreme violence is the cause of moral and ethical decay in a Christian country. The very same regime that they ran from but want to assist in taking over our beliefs, tradition and culture.
There is NO peace within the so-called religion they follow.
Islam is a pseudo-religious political ideology nothing more.

David Cameron has just as much blood on his hands as the terrorists who murder our servicemen in Afghanistan. He has as much blood on his hands as the two vile creatures who murdered Lee Rigby. He has as much blood on his hands as those who come here and subject our peaceful country to the importation of heroin, forced female genital mutilation, honour killings, mutilation and murder of children, the grooming and raping of children, the enforcement of no-go zones, the indiscriminate attacks on random innocents going about their daily business unaware of their fate, the desire to establish a barbaric Sharia law system and the unwilling enforcement of people to accept conversion to Islam of face a fate of being beheaded.

I wish with all my heart that it was David Cameron’s body who was in that coffin where the body of brave Lee Rigby lies. Nobody would line the streets to mourn his death.
David Cameron is as much a part of militant Islam as the creatures who committed this murder.
David Cameron is as much a part of militant Islam as the hate clerics who advocate and spread the word of the vile prophet Muhammad.
David Cameron is as much a part of militant Islam as those who continue to bring fear, terror and violence to this country and spill the blood of our innocent citizens on it’s streets.


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